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Imprezzio Marketing currently works with many small businesses in both the USA and Canada. Here are what some of our customers have to say about our Internet marketing services.

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I am having a lot of activity from Google. I have been doing about 4-5 quotes a week from people who found me on Google. Business has very clearly picked up since you started helping me with Google and I am very grateful. Thanks again!

Markham, Ontario

I have been working with Ruthy at Imprezzio Marketing for about 6 months. She has been very easy to deal with and very responsive to my concerns and questions. Ruth and her associates are very professional and have a great understanding of improving Google placement. I really don't have the time or the knowledge required to keep on top of the Google maps so I rely on Imprezzio to do the work for me. So far I have been very happy with their service and my results.

Baltimore, MD

Thanks for all of your help. It is great to see my name back on the map. I can always tell when my agency is placed first on the map of Google because our phones ring off the hook.

Thanks again!

Spartanburg, SC

Imprezzio Marketing has been the best Internet growth platform for me. Thanks for all the professional help and I look forward to working with Imprezzio in the future.

Fort Collins, CO

Impressed with Imprezzio! It has been such a pleasure to work with them. My Internet traffic has gone through the roof since they worked with me to improve my listing and find directories to match my market. Highly recommended and worth every penny!

Anchorage, AK

If you want honest, professional people to help you understand Internet marketing – Imprezzio can do it – I believe they save me money from other people that are just trying to sell me something- I have a great working relationship with them!!!!!

Newnan, Ga

It is an absolute pleasure working with Joy Hawkins and Imprezzio Marketing. Any time I have questions or call, Joy is there with answers and additional ways I can improve my website. They are timely with reports, feedback and Imprezzio continually goes above and beyond to help my business grow in a competitive environment. If she wasn't Canadian, I'd say she is the best.

Charlotte, NC

Imprezzio has done a fantastic job of driving more business to my personal agency website! I was getting about 5 auto new business leads per month before signing on to do Internet marketing with Imprezzio. Since signing on 6 months ago that number has increased to an average of 8 new auto leads per week. Due to the results we've had, I'd recommend Imprezzio to any agent considering doing more online marketing.

Lexington Park, MD

Google the obvious search words and there's my business, right at the top of the list, thanks to Imprezzio. I surely am "imprezzed" with their skills and polite, professional, informative service.

East Greenbush, NY

Joy has been great to work with and I have definitely seen an improvement in our Internet sales as a result. Joy helped me maximize my presence when people are searching for insurance and we get a lot of people telling us they found us when doing a Google search. In today's environment it's crucial to have an Internet presence and Joy has been a trusted source that we will use for a long time!

Glenview, IL

Imprezzio rocks! Their promise was to elevate our presence to the top of page one. We're there – every time! Prior to using Imprezzio, we tried other marketing web managers, only to continually have to chase them to give us the identity they promised! The Imprezzio folks really deliver what they promise.

Saint Paul, MN

My hat's off to Imprezzio Marketing! I have been an agent for 28 years and trying to keep up with the way I should market my business had become a full-time career. Thank goodness that Imprezzio, Danielle and Joy have become a key component to my marketing team. Their expertise and involvement in my business has transformed the way my office conducts business. Angels on my shoulder! Thank YOU!

Scottsdale, AZ

Imprezzio Marketing has done wonders for my business. Danielle Cameron's expertise in the area of Internet marketing has greatly increased the traffic flow of business to my website. Danielle explained upfront what Imprezzio could do for my business and she and her company have exceeded my expectations.

New York City, NY

The business I work for just switched over to Imprezzio Marketing and I'm very glad that we made the switch. They have helped us immensely on getting our name out there. The employees there are easy to reach when I need to speak to them and very helpful when I have a question. Thanks, Imprezzio!

Melville, NY

The New Movers list from Imprezzio is by far the best lead source I have ever used and I have been using it for almost 4 years. I feel the reason for the success of the list is that it is not propensity-modeled but based on real data. It is as successful as the follow-up system and the passion of the person implementing it.

Athens, GA

Joy, you are welcome to use my name and I have kind comments on your service and the results. I would highly recommend you folks to anyone trying to capture some of the Internet opportunities.

Tucson, AZ

I love that my requests and questions are answered immediately and I don't have to speak to a different representative each time I call. I have confidence that Imprezzio is looking out for my best interests and helping me grow my business!

Longmont, CO

Gini, Joy and Imprezzio do a great job keeping us in front of prospective clients and really take a personal interest in our success. I couldn't ask for better customer service and commitment to this ever-changing marketing opportunity.

Philadelphia, PA

What a difference in my online presence. They took me from the bottom to the top. They do it the correct way, not the, "I can have you at the top in a week." I am at the top and will stay at the top.

Middleton, WI

Gini with Imprezzio did a fantastic job for our Agency. Gini is a "Subject Matter Expert". She is a professional who provides excellent customer service. Gini has stayed in touch with us on a regular basis. Her knowledge of what we need as an Insurance and Financial Services Agency is what differentiates her in the marketplace.

Wilmington, NC

Imprezzio has been very helpful designing an Internet strategy and increasing our Agency's exposure on the major search engines. If the Internet is part of your strategy, I would recommend working with Imprezzio.

Thornwood, NY

You have always done exactly what you said would be done; so far you have been a important part of my office's marketing program. Thanks!

Queens Village, NY

I started with Imprezzio about 4 months ago and noticed a difference the first month. The Internet placement is getting my phone to ring! It's nice to have the client contacting you and wanting an insurance quote. It beats buying Internet leads and you are fighting with 6-10 other companies. I've noticed a 20% increase in production since we started with Imprezzio. John Tomlinson has taught me so much about the Internet and I am starting to understand just how important placement is in the tech world!

Alameda, CA

I started working with Joy Hawkins at Imprezzio in January of 2010. In three months she has been able to measurably increase the Internet search results for my business. I'm not sure what her secret is. I only know by my tracking that what she does at Imprezzio has definitely worked for my business.

Santee, CA

Imprezzio has helped us tremendously. Very little of our business comes from the Yellow Pages. Most of our new business is from referrals and Google searches. We need to be placed strategically and we are! How else would Canadians find us on a Goggle search for 2nd-home insurance! Thank you for your expertise.

Phoenix, AZ

My website hits went up 500% w/ Imprezzio Marketing. All I can say is credible, creative, impressive and huge measureable gain. GREAT WORK!!

Sioux Falls, SD

I have fumbled around with this type of advertising for years. I seemed to pay for services that are actually free, find out later, get ticked off...etc. These people explained a strategy, did it, and they send me timely results so I can actually see what I'm paying for. I highly recommend.

Spokane, WA

Amazing! When you are picking a team you want the very best to represent you. Well, Imprezzio Marketing is IT! If you have Imprezzio Marketing in your corner you will achieve the goals you set.

Scarsdale, NY

Working with Danielle has been absolutely great. Her proactive approach to making sure her clients own the Internet in their area really make you feel like you have one more member of your team. It has been a very good experience.

Raleigh, NC

I am most pleased with the attention that Gini Tomlinson is giving our account with Imprezzio Marketing. We have had more hits than previously through Google. In this tough economy, it's great to know someone is still going above and beyond to help you grow.

Bridgeton, NJ

I have been working with Gini for a few years now and I really feel like I hit a home run! Gini has been terrific to work with. Very efficient, accurate and always delivers what she promises or more. It is a great feeling to know you can rely on what someone says they are going to do. This is especially important when you own a small business and don't have the luxury of your own advertising department. Thanks!

Renton, WA

As a small business owner I need companies with expertise in areas I am lacking knowledge to partner with me; Imprezzio Marketing has been an excellent business partner. Joy has helped me develop a web presence far beyond where I was eight months ago. Always responsive to my needs, Joy returns my emails and phone calls in a timely manner with accurate answers. I recommend Imprezzio Marketing to other business owners who need help with their Internet marketing.

Eugene, OR

Joy Hawkins at Imprezzio is very helpful, especially for those of us who are not on the "cutting" edge of technology! She explains things without the terminology, which makes it easy to understand.

Berea, OH

I have found the customer service to be outstanding. All my emails and phone calls have been answered promptly. I look forward to the results of my Google ad placements.

Salem, OR

I have enjoyed working with Joy at Imprezzio. Her follow-up is great and she keeps me updated on changes and opportunities. I would definitely refer her to everyone.

Houston, TX

Every time I do what Imprezzio Marketing recommends, I get business. It has been so successful I have dropped a number of my poorly-performing advertising programs.

Joy has been a pleasure to work with over the past year. The company I used prior to Imprezzio misspelled my name and website address; after 5 calls they still did not get it right. Needless to say, Joy has made this process seamless and my phone is ringing, which is the goal of any marketing program. Thanks!

Amazing!! What more can I say of Imprezzio Marketing? Any time other marketing agencies call to offer me the service I get with Imprezzio, they are all left speechless with the presence Imprezzio provides. The Imprezzio team has left me speechless with all the updates and service they personally provide. No one else delivers like they do. Not even close!

Joy has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I really get the feeling that she is always working for me and she gives me tips on trying to improve my office's Internet visibility. I definitely see the results too. When I ask new clients how they found me, Google is one of the top answers I get. Thanks Joy for everything you and Imprezzio are doing to help my business.

Joy Hawkins has assisted with Internet Marketing placement for 2+ yrs. She delivers what she promises and more! Track your results with two companies simultaneously (as I did) for 6 months and in 60 days you will see the advantage of trusting Joy /Imprezzio with your Internet marketing.

I started using Imprezzio Marketing a year ago when I felt my Internet presence just wasn't adequate. After my original meeting with them I quickly learned why. There is so much that happens behind the scenes that they knew that I didn't. I had no idea how the game was played at this level. Within months I was seeing positive results and quoting and writing business I am sure never would have found me previously. This is one of the best uses of my advertising budget I can think of!

Our agency group has been working with Joy Hawkins from Imprezzio Marketing and must say that we are very impressed not only with the results but the high level of customer service. Joy Hawkins is superb and Imprezzio consistently outperforms other companies out there. Our agents are very satisfied with the results! Thanks Joy, you're the best!

I have worked with several Internet maximization vendors. Joy Hawkins has been the only representative who has gone above and beyond the initial sale. Her service has been prompt and professional. She takes the time to explain what you need to know in this ever-changing landscape. I have and will continue to highly recommend Joy Hawkins to anyone looking to become more relevant in the Internet space.

I started using Imprezzio Marketing a year ago when I felt my Internet presence just wasn't adequate. After my original meeting with them I quickly learned why. There is so much that happens behind the scenes that they knew that I didn't. I had no idea how the game was played at this level. Within months I was seeing positive results and quoting and writing businesses I am sure never would have found me previously. This is one of the best uses of my advertising budget I can think of!

I highly recommend agents signing up with Imprezzio. I have seen a definite increase in writing new business since I signed up with them a year ago. The customer service is incredible. Danielle Cameron's knowledge on how Google works and the different ways to increase my exposure on Google is outstanding. She is so great to work with. If you are looking to increase your new business take advantage of the services Imprezzio has to offer!!

You would not believe how much busier we are ever since you worked on our file!
WOW – We are getting a lot more calls and closing a lot more deals!!!!!!!!

I have been an agent with State Farm for 29 years and my marketing scheme has had to evolve over time. It was not until I teamed up with Imprezzio Marketing, Danielle and Joy that my marketing took on the professional face I needed. Today, I feel like I am on top of technology, and moving in the direction that is head and shoulders over what I was ever able to achieve on my own!
AT LAST, one of the balls I get to juggle in this wonderful career is no longer a concern… it is WORKING!

Imprezzio has been a fantastic company to work with from the beginning. They did an amazing job increasing my presence on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as well as a variety of other sites.
With Imprezzio it wasn't just about making the sale and being done with me; they have continued to work with me even after the sale was completed. My representative, Danielle, has stayed in constant communication with me ensuring my complete satisfaction, and often times going above and beyond to provide extra levels of customer service. I know that if I ever have a question Danielle is happy to answer it. She is literally just a phone call/email away.
I have been solicited by many other companies offering to do work similar to that of Imprezzio for less money. Based on the value Imprezzio and Danielle have demonstrated, I would absolutely recommend and use them again!

After a range of experiences that cost tons of money and varied from bad to awful I was fortunate to get a sales call from Danielle at Imprezzio Marketing who has given my business a true online presence that drives convertible activity to my office EVERY DAY!!!
Dealing with a company that continually works harder for my success than I could ever have expected makes it a very easy decision for me. Each year I renew and add to my existing strategy.

Working with Kimberly at Imprezzio has been a great experience. I have seen a tremendous increase in traffic to my website which has lead to an increase in business. I can always get in touch with Kimberly whenever I have a question or need advice.

Kimberly Willey has been doing my online marketing since November. Since she took over this role my business has seen a dramatic increase in clients. She has gone over and above by offering advice on my website, promotions, mailings, trade shows etc. Now my website is on the first page of a Google search!! I would highly recommend Imprezzio Marketing; my business is rapidly growing because of their great work. Thanks again!

We are all looking for the one thing that works. After doing radio, magazines, newspapers and feeling totally frustrated on the ROI, the Google thing works!! My activity on Internet-requested leads and inquiries increased dramatically once Kimberly turned on the switch. I have kept track and have gotten a positive ROI with this program.

Imprezzio is impressive! From having no Internet presence to top of the list within 30 days. Wow!

I recently signed up with Imprezzio Marketing to do Google advertising and was thrilled with my wonderful representative Ruth Fletcher. She was beyond knowledgeable, answered all my questions to their fullest extent, and was super efficient. I would highly recommend doing business with Ruth & Imprezzio Marketing.

I would like to extend a thank you to Imprezzio Marketing and particularly my representative Ruthy. I am, as they say "technically challenged" and have found that Ruthy is patient and explains what is happening, what will transpire and hopefully the outcome. She has provided great suggestions on how to improve traffic and how to be more visible. We have seen positive results.
Thanks for a great job!!

I began working Ruthy Fletcher of Imprezzio Marketing in January 2011. I have limited experience with search engine marketing. Ruthy has been very patient with me. I have asked a lot of questions and she has been able to either answer the question or find the answer for me. The steps we have taken in this marketing process have been moving in a very positive direction.

Indianapolis, IN

I have been working with Ruthy at Imprezzio Marketing for about 6 months. She has been very easy to deal with and very responsive to my concerns and questions. Ruth and her associates are very professional and have a great understanding of improving Google placement. I really don't have the time or the knowledge required to keep on top of the Google maps so I rely on Imprezzio to do the work for me. So far I have been very happy with their service and my results.

Baltimore, MD

Imprezzio Marketing has done exceptional work in helping to expand my painting and renovation business through Internet traffic and hits! I have tried several methods of advertising (flyers, newspapers, real estate brochures). I have found the work done by Imprezzio, positioning my website in my territory to be the best method of advertising. I would most definately recommend Imprezzio Marketing to any small business owner looking to expand and grow.

Markham, Ontario

I have been working with Kimberly for a few years now. Guess what. My #1 referral base is now Google searches! I seem to be a priority in every directory and search engine on the web. I couldn't be happier. I know there may be other Internet services a little cheaper, but the results and service Kimberly gives me is worth every penny.

Salem, OR

I highly recommend Danielle and her group at Imprezzio. Gone are the days of yellow pages.
Not only is an online presence an important piece of your marketing program, it is an absolutely necessary one. And if you are going to spend money on having an online presence, your best ROI is Imprezzio. I have been impressed with them since Day 1.  She does an excellent job of keeping me up-to-date on where I am each month as well as even giving me a refund when an employee didn't do what
they were supposed to do (that's the definition of integrity and of course the employee is no longer there). I am very satisfied with their results and professionalism.

Sugar Land, TX

This is my third year to be with Imprezzio marketing. They have always made sure my Google listings were on the front page with the big boys. Thanks in part to Imprezzio my agency continues to be at the top of Allstate agencies Texas wide. Their staff is second to none in service and being attentive to our needs. Every Allstate agency owner should take a serious look at this company.

Arlington, TX

You will not grow your agency book of business by solely relying on the traditional marketing ideas of the past. It is critical that you have an on-line presence in order to reach those Personal Touch Loyalists. If you don't want to grow, if you want to stay stagnant and you want to keep doing what you've been doing, then don't come to this luncheon. Search Engine Optimization is the process of setting up your website to increase the number of visitors. This is an ongoing, time consuming process, which is why I hired Imprezzio to perform this task. Danielle and her staff at Imprezzio frees me up to focus on my core competencies. More than half of my new sales are a direct result of the work that Danielle and her staff that have done to drive prospects to my website. I would not be a conference winner year after year, if not for Danielle and Imprezzio. I would encourage everybody to please take advantage of this if you want to increase your revenue and the value of your agency.

Houston, TX

Rosa@ Imprezzio is very helpful and responsive w/my internet advertising. She put together a custom package of key words that included several zip codes that I draw business from. Soon after I began working with her, I received a steady stream of leads in my preferred zips.

Gillette, NJ

Imprezzio and Rosa have been helpful to my SEO for over two years.  The ability to discuss my account with the same account manager who knows my business has been so efficient and has given peace of mind regarding my SEO.  I always feel helped not sold.

San Jose, CA

Imprezzio is a must for small business marketing.

Bagley, MN

The team over at Imprezzio is really easy to work with. Their expert concepts and tireless approach to online marketing has really helped drive customers to my business. Thank you Imprezzio for all you do foe us!

Houston, TX

I have been working with Imprezzio Marketing for two years and they have helped my business grow by keeping me at top of Internet when certain key words are used in search engines.

Pearland, Texas

Imprezzio Marketing is an excellent company to work with.  Even though I am miles apart from my account specialist, Rosa Lupia, I feel like she is right near me.  All of my account specialists are extremely proactive in making sure that my business remains competitive in the sea of competitors I have.   I appreciate the hard work they do for their clients!

Vancouver, WA

After hearing some successful Agents speak at Sales Rally regarding Imprezzio I decided to give them a shot and have not second guessed that decision.

Great company to work with, great customer service, and our business is already seeing immediate results.

I recommend Imprezzio to any Agent wanting to gain a competitive edge on internet based marketing.

Arnold, Missouri

Rosa, It has been great to work with you and Imprezzio. You have been very helpful and explain my options whenever I need help! Thanks for your expertise and professionalism.

Lakewood, CA

Since partenering with Imprezzio for my SEO marketing my business has been booming. Colleen and her team have been a joy to work with and they have helped in so many ways to boost my business. If you are looking for a cutting edge way to increase the presense of your business you have to talk to Colleen and her team.

Blandon, Pa

Colleen and Imprezzio Marketing have been fantastic to work with. I have had experience with other marketing companies working to optimize my online presence and it always felt like I was getting a pitch and not sure what I was truly paying for. Colleen and the Imprezzio team know my business and how to move the bar in my community. I would recommend them to anyone.

Helena, MT


That I am averaging 1-3 phone calls / Internet contacts per week is a direct result of whatever it is that you wonderful ladies do for me. I mean, I get calls/contacts from people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY asking for help / quotes because they Googled State Farm and my information showed up. Amazing! And I mean, ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!

Whatever y'all are doing is working here too. We have people drive across town in rush-hour traffic to do business with us instead of the agent a block away!

Y'all are truly the best of the best!
Thanks for all you do!



I have been using Imprezzio for two years. They are the most honest business I have ever dealt with. That is uncommon in the SEO market. They stay in touch and it works. I closed two policies this morning as a result of their work. LOVE THEM!

Corpus Christi, Texas


I've heard lots of stories about "Internet consultants" that take your money and deliver no results so I was cautious when Imprezzio was recommended to me. But I trusted the other agent and gave them a try. For 18 months now I've been very happy with the leads and sales. Even more though it has been great to be able to access my consultant (Danielle) on many questions. She has been very helpful at teaching me the ropes and suggesting good strategies to boost results. When my account faced challenges and setbacks she was the one to advise me that I had a problem, and then promptly went about fixing it. What more can you ask.