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Google Finally Displays Proper Signage When a Business Moves

Posted: October 5, 2012 at 7:34 pm

Google+ Local

This really makes me want to jump for joy. It looks as though Google has finally changed the message that they display on Google+ Local listings when a business moves to a new location. The proper procedure is to mark the old Google+ Local listing as closed and create a new listing for the new business location. Up until now the main problem with this was that once you did it, Google displayed a message on the old listing indicating that the business had closed down.

Obviously this can be misleading as it creates the impression that the business has closed its doors for good.

As of today, Google has updated the message to:

This is a long anticipated change. Many businesses have been waiting for this update. Thanks Google!

What are your thoughts on this update?


Colan N

Colan N

A bona fide search engine optimization and search engine marketing expert. Colan is a Google Local Top Contributor, a designation available only through Google itself. He leads
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You can often find Colan answering questions and helping business owners at the Google My Business Forum and The Local Search Forum where he is a Top Contributor.
Colan N
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