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Is “Permanently Closed” Killing your Ranking? (4 Case Studies)

I have been spending a lot of time analyzing businesses that have had ranking drops since Pigeon and have noticed a serious trend in businesses that dropped in ranking after Pigeon rolled out that have duplicate Google Places listings that have the “permanently closed” label on them. I wanted to share 4 case studies that explain

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How to Leave B2B Reviews on Google+

Leaving reviews for other businesses on Google+ is a wonderful opportunity for small businesses to get more traffic to their pages. When you leave another business a review, you can write the review as your business instead of as yourself. This means that anyone who sees the review is going to see your business. More

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Make the Most out of Your Facebook & Google Plus Reviews

Everyone knows that it’s important for a local business to get reviews on Facebook and Google Plus but many businesses fail to implement the tricks to make the most of their positive reviews and get more business as a result.   Google Plus Share the Review on your Google Plus Page Google recently started emailing

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Imprezzio Marketing Acquires AFS Web

Toronto-based Imprezzio Marketing has now acquired a full service creative web design and development company called AFS Web, as well as their trademarked content management system, ZOOM CMS. Check out our latest press release to learn more!      

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How Does Yelp Advertising Compare with AdWords + Google Places?

I have had a lot of small businesses ask me about Yelp advertising and if it is worth doing. I thought it would be a good idea to look at how Yelp compares with other online channels out there that most small businesses utilize – specifically Google AdWords + Google Places. We had a State

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The Best Way to Avoid Yelp’s Review Filter

Trying to collect reviews on Yelp can be a very frustrating process! Often if you ask someone to review you on Yelp, the reviews end up getting filtered. Yelp tends to filter reviews that are left by people who aren’t regular Yelp users. This means your best chance for successfully collecting Yelp reviews is to

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3 Things to Know about Tracking Ranking After Pigeon

Since Google’s new algorithm called Pigeon rolled out on July 24, 2014, there are different methods you can use to see results before and after Pigeon. It is important to know which methods will show you current results and which methods are showing you inaccurate results. Remember, Pigeon is only impacting the USA, not any

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Google My Business Now Tracking Phone Calls

Google My Business is now tracking phone calls as part of the Insights in the GMB Dashboard. There has yet to be an official announcement by Google. There is some discussion going on over at the Local Search Forum. It can only be assumed that the calls are tracked based on mobile click-to-call, but this

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Best Ways to Find Duplicate Google Places/Plus Listings (Post Pigeon)

While I was researching this, I was searching for duplicates by searching for a business phone number. These methods could also be used for searches done for a business’ website, address, or name to try and locate duplicates that are for the same business with a different phone number.  I used 3 random businesses in

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Google “Pigeon” Update Creating Lots of Buzz

A major Google algorithm update hit last week, and the observations and theories are plentiful. Most of the conversations can be found over at Linda Buquet’s Local Search Forum. If you are someone who liked to follow and stay on top of these types of Google updates, I strongly recommend that you head on over

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